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    <br><br>Lack of mass in a galaxy, the amount of star-shaped mass that has been removed from the central region of the galaxy mainly due to the impact of a supermassive binary black hole.<br><br> Mass deficit, marked on the graph of density versus distance to the center of the galaxy.<br><br>The density of the number of stars increases as one approaches the center of most . In small galaxies, the increase in density continues to the very center. Large galaxies usually have a core – a region near the center in which the density is constant or slowly increases. The radius of the nucleus can reach several hundred parsecs in the largest elliptical galaxies.<br><br>It is believed that such nuclei are created by double supermassive black holes formed when two merge. If a star flies past a massive binary, it could be thrown out of the galaxy by a process called a gravitational slingshot. Such ejection of stars continues until most of the stars in the central part of the galaxy are . As a result of this process, nuclei with a low concentration of stars are formed, often observed in giant elliptical galaxies.<br><br>The mass deficit is defined as the amount of mass that was ejected during the creation of the galactic nucleus: M def = 4 π ∫ 0 R c [ ρ i ( r ) − ρ ( r ) ] r 2 dr, displaystyle M_ mathrm def = 4pi int _ 0 ^ R_ c left[ho _i(r)-ho (r)ight]r ^ 2 dr,<br><br>where ρi – initial density, ρ Is the density, Rc is the radius of the core.<br><br>The mass deficit observed in galaxies usually ranges from one to several masses of the central supermassive black hole, the observed radius of the core is comparable to the radius of the sphere of action of the central supermassive black hole. These values ​​do not contradict the conclusions of theoretical models of nucleus formation and support the hypothesis that all bright galaxies at some time contained supermassive black holes in the central regions.<br><br>It is not known whether most galaxies contain massive binary objects in their central regions or whether two black holes have merged into one object. Both options do not the presence of a nucleus in the central region.<br>

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